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Welcome to Keto Ginger

Hi folks! It’s nice to meet you and welcome you to our blog. Our goal is to be as informative as possible, give you some good recipes and ideas you can use, and to have a little fun while we’re at it.

Keto AF avocadoWe’re All About Keto

We started our Keto journey together in October of 2017. We’ve had some success with it, enjoyed it, loved it, hated it, had a lot of questions, found some answers (both right and wrong), and figured a few things out along the way. After all of that, we decided to start writing about it. As we share our experience, we’ll include recipes that have worked well for us, along with tips & tricks, some resources that we’ve used ourselves and hopefully some encouragement for others who are just trying to figure out the Keto Life and make it happen.

Who We Are

We’re the Herchenhahns; a husband and wife team living the American dream in a little town in Tennessee called Fairview, just outside of Nashville. We’re not doctors, fitness gurus, body builders or anything like that. We’re just regular people who have jobs and lives. We understand the time and financial constraints of changing your diet and trying different things. We’ve been there and we’ve found some practical things that work.

The pretty one is Rebecca. She’s the ginger behind Keto Ginger and just happens to be this amazingly talented, creative, passionate and wonderful fireball of a human being. She’s currently a paralegal at a law firm in Nashville by day, and a creative force and co-author of Keto Ginger by night and weekend. She also finds time to be a fantastic mom to our 18 year old boy and our bulldog who can’t get enough attention.

That bearded chunk of man-tastic excellence is Eric, though most people just call him Herch; a moniker that got attached in Junior High by a football coach who couldn’t quickly bark his full last name. It stuck. Eric is currently a full time freelance writer, social media manager, fledgling web designer, and blogger. He takes care of the technical side of Keto Ginger, does some writing and graphics, and helps Rebecca make her vision for the project come to life.

Keto Granola Bowl with Berries and Coconut

Why Keto?

Without getting into a lot of the Pros and Cons of the Keto Lifestyle here, we’ll just explain the reasons why we chose to give it a try in the first place. In October 2017, Eric was diagnosed with the dreaded metabolic disease, Type 2 Diabetes. His doctor promptly prescribed the appropriate medicines and routines along with a low fat, low carb diet. Eric was told to exercise more and lose weight.

“Thanks doc. I wish I’d thought to do that before.” ~Eric

At this point in his life, Eric had begun running, exercising, eating better, and had already lost a good bit of weight so this news was more than just frustrating and scary. Neither of us have ever just accepted things at face value. Rather than going on the medicine, which is essentially just a slow working poison, we went into full research mode and found the Ketogenic Diet.

At the time, Rebecca had been suffering some chronic fatigue, allergies, and breathing problems in general. As we researched Keto, we began to read reports about other people with similar issues who had seen marked reductions in similar symptoms.

The choice was clear. We tried Keto. Not knowing what we were doing at first, we made some mistakes but it didn’t take long for us to get into the groove. Low and behind, Rebecca’s symptoms began to improve and Eric’s blood sugar stabilized.

Keto for the win!

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