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Do This Before Starting a Diet to Ensure Success

How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought, “I need to go on a diet,” or “I should start working out,” or even more self-critical (and cruel), “Why do I have to be so effing fat?” And then you do what I’ve often done. You get all of these negative feelings about yourself and say something like, “You know what? Screw it! Let’s do this! It’s diet time, bitches!” Maybe you join a gym too because you’re GOING to work out this time, damn it! You shove your damaged self-esteem into one of the dark crevices of your mind where it can’t do anyone any harm and you charge blindly into this emotional decision you’ve made.

Not long after that, those emotions fade because that’s what emotions do. You lose focus and forget about that declaration you made in front of the mirror. The diet gets cheated on like a Highschool Spanish quiz. One day you don’t have time to go to the gym, and that turns into two days. Two days become a week and before you know it, you’re paying for a gym membership you never use. Your, now warped, self-esteem is playing back-seat driver from its hiding place within the depths of your mind, cackling evilly as it has you wearing clothes that you hope will hide some of those extra calories you’ve been shoveling into the giant hole under your nose.

Sound familiar?

Think about how many times you made any type of knee-jerk decision based on emotion, like that quick choice you landed on while looking into the mirror and feeling fat. How well did those decisions turn out for you? For me, those emotion-based judgments are usually catastrophic; something akin to an act that follows a phrase like, “Here, hold my beer…”


‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.’ ~ Benjamin FranklinClick To Tweet


If you follow the checklist below, it will remove some of the knee-jerk emotion from the “getting in shape” process. This list will give you a more strategic and logical approach for long term success. It’s worked for Rebecca and me, I think, because she loves systems and I love strategy. And we both knew we needed, somehow, to remove emotion from the equation. We hope you’ll find some inspiration here to reach your fitness goals, whether that means using a Ketogenic diet (or any diet), dropping a bunch of weight or just feeling good about putting on the clothes you want to wear.

I’m going to ask you to write some things down here, so grab a pen and paper or open up a Notepad on your computer. It’s participation time.


Do This Before Starting a Keto Diet to Ensure Success


Creating a Diet Plan that Works – Series

This post is the first installment in our series called “Creating a Diet Plan that Works”. Each post will contain a few questions for you to answer meant to guide you in building a complete fitness strategy. As we complete those posts, we will link them here so you will be able to build your plan along with us. When the series is complete, we will offer a worksheet with all of the questions combined in one place to make things nice and convenient. We’re looking forward to completing this project and hope that it will provide you with some helpful tools to develop a solid, logical, strategy-oriented approach to your fitness.


Understand Where You Want to Go and Why


‘Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.’ ~ John F. KennedyClick To Tweet


Purpose: Your “Why”

From the title of this post, you might be expecting me to give you a reason WHY you should set a fitness goal. The truth is, anyone who claims to have one reason that fits everyone’s life, especially where fitness is concerned, is just trying to sell you something. Everyone is different from everyone else. Hell, you’re different right now than you were a year or two ago. Your “Why” is going to be different than anyone else’s. Hopefully, I can help you figure out what your “Why” is right now. It may change in the future, but that’s ok. By then, maybe you’ll be armed with a method that will help you determine your “Why” at that time.

What is your purpose

You may think this is a no-brainer. Why would anyone want to go on a diet, focus on fitness, get in shape… whatever you want to call it? It’s just to lose weight, right? No. It’s not always that simple because people are weird and complex beings with layers of emotions, motivations and inspiration that often aren’t apparent to the people who have them. So part of defining your purpose is figuring out what your emotions, motivations and inspirations are so that you can use them to your advantage.

Why Ask Why?

Defining your purpose will give you more clarity when you start trying to determine what your goals are (goals will be discussed in the follow up post after this one). And yes, a purpose is different from a goal.

  • Your purpose is your reason why. ie. Why do you want to lose weight?
  • Your goal is your specific target. ie. You want to weight X number of pounds.

Your Purpose and Goal Need One Another

A purpose without a goal tends to lead to a lot of effort without results, which causes discouragement.

A goal without a purpose is often marked by false starts, which causes frustration.


How Do You Come Up With Your Purpose Then?

Start by simply asking yourself why. Just don’t stop there.

If you’re sincerely honest with yourself here, the answers to these questions will become the driving force behind your success. Be brave and answer honestly. I dare you.

  • Why do you care about your health and fitness?
  • Think about the answer to that first question. Why is that answer important to you?
    • Are there other things that are more important to you than this?
    • How will those things be affected if you make this your purpose for focusing on your health and fitness?

A couple notes: It’s ok to have more than one answer to the first question. Write down as many reasons why you want to make your health and fitness a priority in your life as you feel are relevant. Beside each reason you list, answer the second set of questions. Why are those reasons important to you? Are there things that are more important? Etc. You may find it beneficial to number the reasons you give by degree of importance. This will help you understand what will really motivate you.

Next Steps

Understanding your “Why” gives you a solid foundation for building a complete health and fitness plan for yourself. These steps are all about removing emotion from the process, getting your head in the game and using your psychology to help you achieve the level of health and fitness you desire rather than find yourself tormented by your self-esteem over another failed “diet”.

You can’t simply stop here, however, because just knowing why you want to do something doesn’t get the job done. To do that, you need to set some goals and develop a strategy to reach them. Those steps require a bit of knowledge that research will give you, and all of it will take a bit of discipline and some work on your mindset. We will address those things in this series, so make sure to follow Keto Ginger on social media and keep an eye on this blog so you don’t miss those steps.

There will be a complete worksheet available at the end of this series that will help you outline your purpose, goals, strategy and more. We’re excited to develop that for you and get it into your hands as a tool to help you find success with your health and fitness.

Thanks for Reading!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Why are you thinking about creating a health and fitness plan for yourself? Leave us a comment below or hit us up on social media.


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