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How to Get Started on the Keto Diet

A question we get asked a lot is simply, “How do I get started on keto?” It’s tempting to jump into all the science of Keto and start explaining everything all at once. It didn’t take us long to figure out, though, all of that information can become overwhelming, confusing, and discouraging to someone who is new to Keto. After all, it took us months to figure out the basics, and we’re still learning more about the Keto lifestyle all the time.

Most of the people who ask this question are only familiar with traditional diets; the kinds where you simply reduce the fat and calories you consume. Keto is such a paradigm shift, however, that it’s important to give yourself time to take it all in and get used to things. It’s equally as important for those of us answering these questions to take it slow and explain things in small chunks.

So let’s get started…

Reduce Your Carbs

Keto is all about eating very few carbohydrates each day. To pull this off, you will want to be aware of how many carbs are in the foods you normally eat. The best way to do this is to develop a couple habits;
Read food labels: Don’t eat anything before you see how many carbs are in the food. All packaged food has to be labeled. It’s the law. So read those labels. If you see more than 3 or 4 carbs on the label, then don’t eat that food.

Look up your food on a phone app: Dining out or buying fresh foods means there may not be a food label. There are a lot of popular apps out there that let you search for food items, however. They will tell you how many carbs are in the food you’re eating. If you look up a food item, and it has more than 3 or 4 carbs, then don’t eat that food.

Learn More About Sweeteners

Interested in learning a little more about sweeteners and where they rank for Keto?

We put together a handy chart of 55 sweeteners commonly used on the market today. The chart shows you which sweeteners are actually sugar, which ones are bad chemicals or natural, where they land on the Glycemic Index and more.

We also rank each sweetener on the list as Good, Bad, or Ugly for Keto.


Click here to read our 55 Sweeteners blog post.


Or just click the image to download the free chart as a pdf.

At first, don’t worry about hitting a target Carb number for the day. Just get into the habit of reducing carbs. After you do this for a couple weeks, you will get into a rhythm. You’ll begin to see that it’s easier than you thought.

Get the hang of this first.

Then you can start tweaking and figuring out some target numbers to hit to help with your results.

Increase Your Fat Intake

I know. This flies in the face of everything we’ve ever been taught. Keto works by changing the type of fuel your body burns for energy. On a traditional diet, your body mostly burns carbohydrates for fuel. But Keto helps your body get into a mode to start burning fat for energy instead. With that in mind, consider that the better the fuel, the better it can be used for energy. That means you want to eat high quality, healthy fats.

How do you know which fats are which?

Read food labels: If the food label says “Hydrogenated” or “Partially Hydrogenated” it’s BAD. Do NOT eat that food. Ever. It’s basically poison.
Look up your food on a phone app: Are you seeing a trend here?

What are some good fats to focus on?

& Avocado Oil


Olive Oil
Regular & Extra Virgin

Coconut Oil

Real Butter

Especially Salmon

With the exception of peanuts, nuts are great sources of fat and have tons of other good nutrients.
Just remember, for now, that peanuts are bad on Keto.

Red Meat
Good source of fat and it’s super nutrient dense

Moderate Your Protein

Protein is the building block your body uses to create and repair muscles, organs and all sorts of other tissue. Your body needs protein so you want to get enough, but not too much. Excess protein will work against what you are trying to do on Keto. Your goal, to get started, should be to get less protein each day than fat.

Again, don’t worry about being precise at first.

Guess how you might determine how much protein is in the food you’re eating?


Read Food Labels or Look up your food on a phone app:
I can’t stress the importance of this habit enough.

50 Meats Ranked Best to Worst for Keto

We put together a post, complete with a cheat sheet, that ranks 50 popular cuts of meat.

The goal of the post is to help you plan your daily macros more accurately based on the fat and protein contained in each type of meat.

It's an interesting list. To check it out:


Click here to read that Post.


Click here and grab the free PDF cheat sheet.

Keep Learning

This is the most vital thing you can do whether you’re starting Keto or anything else in life. It’s important to start building the habits we just talked about, but while you are doing those things daily, make sure to continue educating yourself about Keto. That’s the only way you’ll be successful.

You’ve spent your whole life learning about a traditional diet and building the habits that you currently have. New knowledge and habits aren’t going to happen over night and these things won’t be easy to get. But,things that are easy to get usually aren’t worth having anyway.

Maybe science isn’t your thing and you don’t want to dig into all the biochemical stuff that’s going on inside your body. That’s ok. There’s plenty of other things to learn, like…

  • Some new recipes.We post those all the time on Keto Ginger. You can also find a ton of them on Pinterest or by simply Googling ‘keto recipes’
  • Learn some of the Keto Lifestyle terminology. We made a post to help you get started with that here.
  • Join discussion groups and find out how others approach similar problems. There is a wonderful Keto Community out there full of people who are ready to help you. We have a Keto Ginger group on Facebook where we do this. If you’re interested in joining, find us there and request an invitation. We‘d love to have you.
  • Pick up new tips. They’re everywhere. For example; while you’re building your habit to read food labels, take a look at the ingredients in your food. Start to learn what some of those crazy-sounding ingredients are. They’re all on Google. (trust me… we looked them up ourselves!) Before long, you’ll begin to see that processed foods are terrible for you. They do real harm to your body. This type of knowledge makes it easier to progress  in your new diet and will make you curious to find out more.

Thanks for Reading

We hope this encourages you to get started on your Keto journey. At the time of writing this, Rebecca and I have been Keto for a year and we both feel better than we‘ve felt in a very long time. We have more energy, we‘re on track with our weight loss goals and we‘ve enjoyed learning all these new things. Just take it slow, learning one thing at a time, change one habit at a time and before you know it, you’ll be the one people call with questions about how to get started!

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