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Low Carb Cheese Ball Recipe

Honestly, I wanted to call this a Keto Cheese Ball, but I went with the “Low Carb” title because a lot of hard core Keto folks also go dairy free.

While I don’t advocate eating a LOT of dairy on Keto, I just can’t go without cheese. And sometimes you want something snacky that won’t destroy your macros.

This cheese ball is creamy, smoky and spicy; everything you want in a fulfilling snack. I cut up some cucumbers to go with this one, but it’s great on celery.

I’d be interested in what ideas you may have for serving this cheese ball.

Some Keto crackers maybe? A grilled cheese on Keto bread?

Leave us a comment and let us know.

Ingredient Notes

The Cheese:

Two things here:

First: Preshredded cheese is easy, but it often contains cellulose, which is basically wood pulp. Or it will contain potato or corn starches. These are all meant to prevent clumping and they work.

But they add carbs and crap you don’t need to eat! 

You’re better off just buying a block of cheese and shredding it youself. It ends up tasting better anyway.

Second: This recipe calls for Smoked Gouda and Pepper Jack Cheese. That’s because I think they’re badass together.

You can swap out the same amount of different cheeses if you prefer. Play around with cheese pairings that you like. 

The key is to use cheeses that have a nice, creamy texture.

The Nuts

This recipe calls for Almonds because I’m a fiend for the Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ Almonds. (affiliate link)

You can really swap out any Keto-friendly nuts you want (that means no peanuts!) Just use the same amounts and go nuts with the flavors! (pun intended – hehe)

Blue Diamond Almonds

I wish I could say these almonds weren't addictive, but I'd be lying.

All the flavors Blue Diamond makes are good, but those Habenero BBQ ones have my number.

Just perfectly smoky, salty, spicy, crunchy.... and typing this is making me want some of them.

Almonds are a great Keto snack. Just make sure to limit yourself to a few ounces at a time and not the whole bag like I've 'accidentlly' done... more than once.

Chipotle Peppers

I usually like fresh ingredients when I can get them, but there’s something amazing about canned chipotle peppers that are packed with adobo sauce.

There’s a crazy amount of flavor in that one little can. We keep them on hand, but you can get them at most grocery stores or on Amazon.

Garlic – Minced

Again, you can use fresh garlic here, but the kind that comes in the jar pre-minced makes this recipe extra easy.

You don’t really lose flavor and there aren’t any extra ingredients with the jarred variety. 

So make things easy on yourself. Get garlic in a jar! (from Amazon, of course, because we need the support – hehe)

Optional Ingredients

These are some additions that I’ve used in this recipe. I recommend not adding more than 4 oz of these combined (if you decide to add a couple of these options) or you will mess up the integrity of the cheese ball. Just be aware of the macros you add with these items.

Bacon bits: cut the bacon up and cook it yourself for best results (adds 42g protein and 47g fat per 4 oz)

White or Red Onion: diced small (adds 9g carbs and 1g protein for 4oz)

Fresh Jalapeño or Red Chili Pepper: diced small (adds about 1g carb per pepper)

Pimentos: diced (adds about 5g carbs per 4 oz)

Cayenne Powder: Adding a dash or two of this just adds spice. My wife, Rebecca, LOVES spicy stuff, so I add a couple sprinkles of these to just about everything I make.

Red Pepper Flakes: Again, these add spice without messing with your macros. I mention them because I’ve used them before and they work well in this recipe. If you like spice, throw in a couple pinches of red pepper flakes to taste.

What other optional flavors would you add to your cheese ball?

Make the Cheese Ball Happen

I usually give some tips on the recipe instructions.

There are tools that will make the recipe easier, like a food processor. (I’ll like the one I use below)


This is a cheese ball.

It’s pretty straight forward.

Put everything except the crushed almonds into a bowl and mix the hell out of it until you have a big lump of cheese.

Then coat the ball with the crushed almonds.

Detailed instructions are in the recipe listed below.

PRO TIP: Put the almonds into a ziplock bag, seal it and smack them lightly with a meat tenderizer, rolling pin, or heavy spoon to crush them up. You don’t want to beat them into powder. Just give them a light crushing so you’ve got some recognizable pieces. This adds texture as well as flavor.

Food Processor

We use the Cuisinart 14 Cup Food processor.

I've had mine for almost 10 years now.

It has a good, heavy (and powerful) motor, solid parts, and is easy to set up and use.

Though it's seen heavy, sometimes daily use, this work horse is still going strong!

I love this thing!

Serving the Cheese Ball

Slice up some cucumbers, celery or other veggie to serve this with. It’s a fairly thick cheese ball, so you won’t be able to dip into it like you would with a cracker.

We usually just use a case knife or spoon to perform the ‘scoop and smear’ method of dishing this up.

This combination of flavors work well with just about anything though…. an old boot, a piece of cardboard, a shingle…. you get the idea. 

Thanks for Reading

We hope you enjoy this Low Carb Chipotle Cheese Ball Recipe. If you give this recipe a try, please let us know how it works out for you. Drop us a line in the comment below, send us an email at or join us on our Facebook page where we share and discuss Keto recipes all the time.

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Low Carb Cheese Ball Recipe

This is a great low carb snack. It's not for Keto dieters who want to stay away from dairy, but it is macro-friendly otherwise and it tastes fantastic. Using cucumbers as the vehicle for the cheese, you get the 'chip & dip' satisfaction without the carbs.

Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword almonds, cheese ball, keto, low carb, recipe, snack
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 10
Calories 160 kcal



  1. Cream the cream cheese, spices, chipotle peppers and
    adobo sauce first in a food processor until thoroughly combined.

  2. Move cheese/pepper mixture to a bowl and add shredded cheese (add optional ingredients in this step if you like)

  3. Mix until combined and form into a ball. (Glove up and use your hands to make this step easier)

  4. Put almonds into a zip lock bag and use a hammer, heavy spoon, or rolling pin to crush the almonds. Don't get carried away. This should be a bit chunky.

  5. Transfer ball to a plate and apply crushed almonds around the outside to coat.

  6. Serve with cucumber slices, celery or other scoop-worthy veggie or Keto cracker of choice

Recipe Notes


  • Protein: 19% - 7.59g
  • Fat: 73% - Fat 13.27g
  • Carbs: 7% - 3.18g
Nutrition Facts
Low Carb Cheese Ball Recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 160
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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The products on this page may be affiliate links; many of them found on Amazon. If you purchase any of these products through our links, we will receive a small commission from the sale. See our Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.